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Update Data   Read More

A data update service is included as part of your TradeFX™ subscription. You also have the option to update your data directly from your local files, should you have an existing data provider.

Heatmaps   Read More

Heatmaps indicate overbought and oversold areas of a given security.

Analyst Expert   Read More

The Analyst Expert generates a report containing valuable technical information to assist with investment decision making.

Trend Triggers   Read More

Trend triggers are generated by using pre-configured trend lines and price movements, to bring your attention to possible investment opportunities.

Swing Moves   Read More

The Swing Moves tool is used to project the potential growth or decline of a security, using historical cyclic data, during bull and bear trends respectively.

Chart Templates   Read More

Given the vast number of technical indicators, TradeFX™ has the built-in ability to configure different chart views. These templates make it easy to switch quickly between different chart views while scouting the market for investment opportunities.

Indicator Library   Read More

Although TradeFX™ is more focused on investment strategy rather than being a charting system, a core indicator libary is included to extend its basic charting capabilities.

Watchlists   Read More

Watchlists are a powerful way to keep track of a selected group of securities. E.g. to track your existing portfolio, or to create a list of securities that might be potential investment opportunities in the near future.

Application Updates   Read More

TradeFX™ is constantly being developed, and updated with new features and enhancements. These updates are available for free to all TradeFX™ subscribers.

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