Feature 3


Edit and create SQLite databases. Support for AES-128 OFB encryption.

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Analyst Expert

SQL Queries

Run SQL queries on your SQLite databases, and save time with our unique query replay feature.

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Trend Triggers

CSV Data

Easily import and export CSV data to and from your database respectively.

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SQLite The file format with an edge

SQLite provides a zero-configuration and serverless data solution that is compact, cross-platform and stable.

SmartData™ is built for SQLite databases. Data is edited in a spreadsheet-like format, making it easy to take care of your data authoring.

The built-in commit and rollback mechanism makes it easy to review changes, and safe to run queries, prior to permanently comitting changes to your database.

SmartData™ is designed with simplicity in mind, and to make data management as easy and convenient as possible.

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Feature 1

SQL Queries Query your database efficiently

SmartData™ has a built-in console for running SQL queries. It is easy to rollback the changes made by queries, or to commit the changes permanently to the database.

Each query that is executed is stored in a history bank. The next time you want to run the same query again, you simply select the query from the history bank instead of having to retype the query.

If you are working with large queries stored in text files, then you can run your queries directly from these files using the query console.

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Feature 2

CSV Data Making your data portable

Sometimes you need to move your data between different environments.

CSV is an well known industry standard for storing large sets of data. For this reason SmartData™ has a CSV import and export facility built-in.

With the click of a button you can export your data tables to CSV files, or import existing CSV files as tables into your database. SQL queries can then be executed on these imported CSV data.

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Feature 3

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