Release Date: 5 Feb 2018

SmartData64_2.2.0.exe 9.76 MB Windows 64-bit install.
SmartData32_2.2.0.exe 20.63 MB Windows 32-bit install. 16.52 MB OS X application.
SmartData64_2.2.0.tar.gz 14.80 MB Linux 64-bit package.
SmartData32_rbp_2.2.0.tar.gz 14.74 MB Raspberry Pi 32-bit package.
Version 2.2.0 Release Notes

[New] Select individual tables with SQL dumps.
[New] SmartData™ is now distributed as a free application.
Version 2.1.5 Release Notes

[Fix] Fixed icon of Windows 64-bit executable.
[Enhancement] Improved selection highlighting in query editor.
[Enhancement] Recompiled binaries optimized for speed.
[New] SmartData™ is now available on Raspberry Pi.
Version 2.1.4 Release Notes

[Enhancement] AUTO_INCREMENT is now added to INTEGER primary keys of MySQL schema dump.
Version 2.1.3 Release Notes

[Fix] Running CREATE queries now updates database tree correctly.
[Fix] Wheel scroll now works with query editor.
[Fix] Query text can no longer be scrolled past last line.
[Fix] Query text vertical scrollbar now resets correctly when loading new query.
[Fix] Fixed issue where screen freezes when announcements are displayed.
[Fix] Query history window now resizes correctly.
[Enhancement] Changed query history icon.
[New] Table columns can now be sorted again by clicking on their headers.
[New] SQL dumps in SQLite format.
[New] SQL dumps in MySQL format.
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