Release Date: 17 Feb 2018

TradeFX64_data_1.5.3.exe (With data) 65.84 MB Required for first install on Windows 64-bit.
TradeFX32_data_1.5.3.exe (With data) 76.27 MB Required for first install on Windows 32-bit.
TradeFX64_1.5.3.exe (No data) 10.41 MB Recommended for upgrades on Windows 64-bit.
TradeFX32_1.5.3.exe (No data) 9.31 MB Recommended for upgrades on Windows 32-bit.
Version 1.5.3 Release Notes

[Fix] Fixed minor issue with heatmap of FXC2.
[Fix] "Evaluation" status is now removed from caption after license activation.
[Enhancement] Updated S&P500 watchlist with latest changes.
Version 1.5.2 Release Notes

[Fix] Reduced download block size to accommodate for slower Internet connections.
Version 1.5.1 Release Notes

[Enhancement] TrendFactor now displays "Not enough data" with insufficient data.
Version 1.5.0 Release Notes

[Enhancement] EMA8 break values now indicated with arrows in Analyst Expert.
[Enhancement] Optimized binaries for better speed.
[New] TradeFX is now released as a 64-bit application.
Version 1.4.2 Release Notes

[Enhancement] Changed break values to arrows in Analyst Expert.
[New] Added MACD column to Analyst Expert.
Version 1.4.1 Release Notes

[Fix] Fixed runtime error when running analysis on DOW.
[Enhancement] Revised securities listed in NYSE.
[Enhancement] Revised securities listed in NASDAQ.
[Enhancement] Updated S&P500 watchlist with latest securities.
[Enhancement] Updated DOW watchlist with latest securities.
Version 1.4.0 Release Notes

[Fix] Fixed MACD histogram lines that get cuts off.
[Enhancement] Removed currencies from international.
[Enhancement] Removed delisted JSE and NYSE securities.
[Enhancement] Removed irrelevant NYSE securities.
[New] Implemented mechanism to remove delisted securities from index.
[New] Take snapshots of charts.
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